Acc. Carlos Lecueder
Director at Estudio E. Luis Lecueder

"What we saw in these two years we have been working with EBITAL in Tower IV was a very reliable professional team. It is a company that has a good relationship with the client since the management staff to middle managers."

Acc. Orlando Dovat
Zonamerica's President

“I believe EBITAL is a responsible company which has good attitude to face problems and is absolute conscious that the final work must have international quality and that is what we are building together.”

Arch. Carlos Ott
Director at Carlos Ott Architect

"EBITAL is formed by a very young team, with really great people, which maintains a quality of impressive construction. I made a daring architecture, I always like to lift off from technologies used in Uruguay and bet more. Really work with EBITAL gives me a great confidence and serenity."

Arch. Carlos Ponce de León
Director at Carlos Ponce de León Architects

“As an architect, I draw the attention to Uruguayan and International projects, and must say that EBITAL is one of the leaders construction companies in our country, not only for the quality of its products but also the services and for the professionalisms with which they have made each and every one of its work. The development of the company over time has been great.”

Eng. Enrique Baliño
Founding partner at Xn Consultores

"EBITAL is an established brand. Customers recognize it as a solid and professional company. We have supported this process and see with joy that this transition is perceived in the market very positively in such short time."

Arch. Ernesto Kimelman
Director at Kimelman Moraes Architects

"EBITAL is building the World Trade Center Tower IV, the most important project of my career.
The "know-how" of the construction company is essential to achieve the planned levels of efficiency and quality."

Arch. Isidoro Singer
Director at Isidoro Singer & Asociados

"EBITAL is integrated by a smart team of young professionals, who interact with architects construction supervisors to do their jobs with the utmost responsibility and dedication."

Arch. Martín Gómez Platero
Director at Gómez Platero Architect

"I stand out EBITAL human quality partners with whom we interact and always have a good attitude, seeking to solve the problems that happens in the building site."