New Project Awarded: Edificio Canaro - Apartment and office building

Consists in the remaining works of an unfinished apartment and office building. Ebital will be responsible for masonry, waterproofing, and finishes.

New Project Awarded: Dismantling and removal of self-supporting structure of TNU

Consists in the dismantling and removal of the self-supported antenna structure of Televisión Nacional Uruguay (TNU), located on Br. Artigas and Colorado. 

TV News: Telemundo - Canal 12


Ministry of Housing will hand over 29 new houses in Dolores for families affected by the tornado of April 2016.

New Project Awarded: Etchepare Psychiatric Hospital - Kitchen and Laundry Construction

Is the construction of a building whose objective is to expand and improve the infrastructure of the Colonia Etchepare Psychiatry Hospital located in San José.

Book launch: "La Sala Transparente"

Due to the 30th anniversary of SODRE Auditorium Dr. Adela Reta, on December 5, Ebital launched the book "La Sala Transparente" with the production company BMR.



New Project Awarded: Río Branco Shopping and Bus Terminal

Is the construction of a shopping center in the city of Río Branco (Department of Cerro Largo). Will take 17.000 m2, and will have 11 stores, a parking lot of 12,000 m2, bus terminal and a four star hotel.

New Project Awarded: Ground motion for enlargment railroader deviation

This contract is part of the execution of another contract: "Rehabilitation of railroad line Rivera, section: Pintado (144km) - Rivera (566km)", which the MTOP is contractor. The objective is the modernization railroad and get a greater speed and load capacity for the trains that circulate in the area.

New Project Awarded: Dolores Housings

It is the project and construction of 86 houses contracted by MVOTMA, to relocate families affected by the tornado that struck the city of Dolores last April. The houses will be of reinforced concrete and 50 m2 each, arranged in strips of one and two levels.