Curtain Wall

EBITAL has specialized in Curtain Wall setting-up, and has the privilege of having developed the largest projects of Curtain Wall in the history of Uruguay, such as the Carrasco Airport and Tower 4 of World Trade Centre.

Facade reconditioning - Executive Tower

The Curtain Wall that had been installed in 1997, covering the then Palace of Justice, was restored. In 2007, the almost 4660 piece panelling that covers the building was adjusted, cleaned, sealed and in some cases replaced. It represents an approximate area of 6700 sq. m. of glass facade.

System: Stick and Unitized
Area: 6.700 sq. m. 1/3 Fixed windowpanes, 1/3 DVH Spandrel y 1/3 DVH Bay windows
Client: Legader S.A
Location: Plaza Independencia st., corner with Ciudadela st.
Surface: 29.400 sq. m., 12 floors plus two underground levels

International Carrasco Airport

The ICA was a real challenge, where several options of the system were applied.
The main facade constituted almost half of the material installed. It has bends of 30º and 40º in relation to the vertical line, and clear heights of 14 to 21 m.
In most of the cases, the windowpanes installed weighed 100 kg. each, and in some cases they weighed 240 kg. Auxiliary movable metal structures were constructed to assemble them.

System: Stick
CW Surface: 16.000 sq. m. 
Client: Puerta del Sur
Location: Route 101
Surface: 45.000 sq. m.


This construction work consisted in recycling an old building to turn it into the new head office of the Business Banking Sector of BROU. It was completely faced with glass and aluminium composite panels.

System: Stick
CW Surface: 1.480 sq. m. 
Aluminium Composite Panels: 460 sq. m. 
Client: BROU, Department of Buildings Management
Location: 25 de Mayo st. corner with Treinta y Tres st.
Surface: 5.800 sq. m.

Alexander Building

This top of the line building, located in Punta del Este, has a glass bent facade 55 m. high.

System: Supreme Line, Aluminios del Uruguay
CW Surface: 1.700 sq. m. 
Client: Big Sur
Location: Gral. Artigas st. corner with Chiverta, Punta del Este
Surface: 15.000 sq. m.


WTC is proud to be the first building in Uruguay, and one of the first in South America, with the Accura Systems Frame Open Joint System. In order to accomplish this, our technicians were trained at the Accura plant, in Santiago de Chile.

System: Frame Open Joint.
CW Surface: 15.500 sq. m.
Client: MARCIRY S.A.
Location: Dr. Luis Bonavita st. corner with Cr. Luis E. Lecueder st.
Surface: 53.500 sq. m.