Executive Branch of the Government

Legader S.A.

Plaza Independencia y Ciudadela

29.400 sq.m.

August 2007

May 2009

The Executive Branch of the Government hosts today several offices of the Executive Branch of the Government. It’s a twelve-storey building with 56 meters high. Floors 10, 11 and 12 are exclusively used by the Presidency of the Republic, including the office of the President and a meeting room for the Cabinet. Part of the building has been destined to private administrative offices.

The work carried out consist in the reorganization of the building with a more functional sense, given that it had been thought for the Palace of Justice. It included brickwork, internal finishing and installations according to the needs of the Executive Branch of the Government.

Comment of the Site Manager:

This work has been started many years ago and remained unfinished for a very long time.
Our first challenge was to successfully finish a work that was already initiated and to meet the agreed delivery date. The main challenge was to fullfill the expectations of the Uruguayan people, who was wishing to see the work finished and integrated to the landscape of the Independence Square.