International Carrasco Airport reform

Puerta del Sur

Av. de las Américas y Av. F. Aldunate

9.350 sq.m.

April 2004

March 2005

It aims at the rearrangement and improvement of the existing facilities as well as the damaged elements, including a reorganization of the services offered to passengers to optimize their flow and to offer them more comfort and better quality of service. Installation of the connector, vertical circulation core and finger bridge.

Area: 8.000 sq. m.
Start Date: April 2004 
Finish Date:March 2005

Construction of new arrivals building and arrivals duty free shop:

Construction of the new arrivals building of the Terminal, iincluded the whole structure (metal and concrete), brickwork and general installations.

Next to this new building, an area of 750 sq. m. was recycled in order to extend the arrivals Duty Free Shop. The works included complete brickwork and equipment. The main challenge was to carry this out while the Airport terminal was working.

Area: 1.350 sq. m. 
Starting Date: February 2005
Finish Date: March 2005