University Northeast Center (UdelaR)

UdelaR - CND Trust

Route 5, Km 386, Tacuarembó

2.885 sq.m.

July 2013

June 2015

Area: 2.200 sq.m.
Start date: July 2013
Finish date: November 2015

The work consisted in the construction of a headquarters building University Center in the Northeast of Uruguay, Tacuarembó (located on Route 5, km. 386).

The construction included a building of approximately 2200 sq.m., with complete facilities, the infrastructure of water supply, sanitation and access roads works from the roundabout square distribution.

The constructed building is distributed on one floor which is divided into 3 sections:
• Sector A, of 1200 sq.m. the main hall, four classrooms, administration area and address of school, library, canteen and BBQ. 
• Sector B, two labs, a computer room, five laboratories, study rooms, meeting teachers and classrooms. 
• Sector C, industry rush facilities are accommodated.

Comment Head of Project:

It is gratifying to be in charge of build a project with multiple direct stakeholders (Udelar, INIA, IMT) and generate enthusiasm and expectation in the local town. This project consolidates the work begun in the area (year 1987) with the setting-up of the University in Tacuarembó; while also consolidates a process of inter institutionalcooperation.

Our task is to be part of that process and be directly responsible for the accomplishment of all in being expectations.

Area: 1.035 sq.m.
Start date: January 2015
Finish date: June 2015 

With similar build and equipment characteristics to the other building already constructed, Ebital was contracted to perform the work of a new elbow room in the aulario.