World Trade Center 4


Dr. L. Bonavita y Cr.Luis E. Lecueder

53.500 sq.m.

September 2009

February 2013

The work consists in the construction of the World Trade Centre – Phase 4 (WTC4). It is a forty-two-storey building, 126 meters high, plus three underground levels. The building structure was constructed with reinforced concrete panels and post stressed floor slab. There are more than 20,000 m3 of concrete and 2,500 tons of structural steel . Regarding the work completions curtain wall is coated on all facades , occupying a total area of 14,000 sq.m.

Comments of the site manager:

WTC4 is the highest private building in Uruguay.
It is located in Montevideo, a city characterized by buildings of low and medium altitudes, which implies a significant change in the landscape and therefore a strong commitment in the part of those responsible for its construction.

From the point of view of project management, one of the biggest challenges was the optimization of resources and accelerating deadlines dates.