Figari School and Graphic Industries School - ANEP

ANEP - CND Trust

St. Durazno and St. Salto - Montevideo

6.500 sq.m.

July 2012

August 2014

Both schools are part of an educational complex that sits in Palermo neighborhood (Montevideo). An area of over 5.000 square meters.

The " School of Arts and Crafts Pedro Figari " of 3.000 sq.m counts with administrative sectors, sculpture classroom, screenprint, carpentry, and large shells intended both to the body of artistic work as courses carving, drawing and painting, as well as their materials processing.

The "School of Graphic Industries " with 1.910 sq.m. has a spacious design and computer rooms, meeting rooms to accommodate printing machines, assembly and binding, since the tasks carried out there are press, postpress, composition and assembly, typography and drawing.

Besides the two schools share a common Aulario with an area of almost 1.400 sq.m. which has an auditorium for 155 people, multipurpose meeting rooms, cofeeroom, music venues, informatic and exhibition centre and a building housing the library of 130 m2 also shared.

Major items of work:

  • 5000 m2 demolition
  • Reinforced concrete 2.200 m3
  • Masonry 4.200 sq.m.
  • Masonry block 3.650 sq.m.
  • Monolithic floors 3.400 sq.m.
  • Asphalt membrane 3.464 sq.m.
  • Openings aluminum 248 un
  • Openings wood 306 un
  • Openings iron 233 un
  • Luminaires 1.019 un