UTEC Regional Technological Institute

UTEC - CND Trust

Fray Bentos, Depto. de Río Negro

3.340 m2

June 2015

New building construction, recycling and partial adequacy of existing buildings, belonging to Ex Frigorifico Anglo located at Fray Bentos, Rio Negro.


The A building is a new construction. In this are concentrated the social part (small auditorium, canteen, virtual library, lobby, among others), the administration, the laboratories types and the classrooms with their support areas.


All existing walls remain of burned building, are preserved.


This building incorporates as exterior areas, a remainder sector of a brick wall and the preexisting building gallery. Also is projected a space called “buffer strip” between the wall and the interior area, one deck as projection of the building back exit, and one English courtyard at ground floor level.


Behind the building is performed an open sky parking.


In the B building are concentrated the specific laboratories (mechatronics and renewable energy) and smaller scale laboratories. The existent building shell will be preserved, demolished the interior and repaired and readjusted the cover.


The connector joins the buildings A and B in all the floor levels, through a glassed volume.

In the C building are placed the quartermaster, deposits for cleaning, changing rooms and welding rooms (dirty area). The sector by the street will be intervened, which is corresponding whit an area of 274 m2.


At the resting area it will be realized minimum works of maintenance: cleaning, room painting and general illumination preserving the actual building.