Cutcsa | Añón and Varela Plant


Bvar. J. Batlle y Ordóñez y P. Varela

52.700 sq.m.

February 2010

November 2010

Añon Plant

Area: 40.700 sq. m.

The project includes recycling two of the existing buildings, demolishing the other ones, and construction of a 22,500 sq. m. parking lot for 400 buses, keeping as much green area as possible (10.000 sq. m.).

Offices are to be constructed in one of the buildings (1.270 sq. m.), where the recovery of concrete structure and masonry hollow clay tiles which are in good condition is foreseen.

Main works are:

  • general brickwork
  • wiring, pumping and thermal conditioning installations
  • fire detection and extinction and CCTV
  • plaster
  • ceramic and fitted carpet flooring
  • iron and aluminium metalwork
  • marble and granite coatings

The adjacent building has two levels of 220 sq. m. each. The ground floor is destined to cash desks and the first floor to lunchroom and cafeteria. The concrete parking for 400 buses is divided in two by the continuation of Isabella street, running between Valladolid and Varela streets, which will be added to the urban network of Montevideo in the future.

Varela Plant

 Area: 8.000 sq. m. of pavement and construction of a storehouse of 4.000 sq. m.

The Varela Plant will keep its current use, holding the repair shops.

  • The project foresees making alterations to an existing building of 3.700 sq. m.
  • Changing the current sheet metal cover by a new one.
  • General brickwork
  • Wiring, pumping and thermal conditioning installations
  • Fire detection and extinction and CCTV
  • Plaster
  • Iron and aluminium metalwork

It also imply the construction of a new two-store metallic storehouse of 5.400 sq. m. for 50 buses.
The plant have an open parking lot for 90 buses.