Mega Tambo - Estancias del Lago

Estancias del Lago SRL

Rincón de los Tapes, Durazno

67.000 sq.m.

November 2012

March 2014

Consist of civil and industrial infrastructure works.

The first stage consisted in the construction of 5 stables, a building for motherhood and a building to main tambo , achieve more than 67.000 sq.m. 

It included the execution of foundations for all buildings with placement of metal anchors.

Within the work are the following volumes:

  • 18.000 m3 concrete made on site 
  • 250 ton de steel used in construction 
  • 5.000 m3 soil movement 
  • 700 m3 granular bases and cemented 
  • 55.000 m2 of walkways and roadworks